Ramp rental is an excellent option for individuals who only need something temporary. Most typically used for recovering after surgery.

We do have a rent-to-own option if the ramp is rented for longer than intended.

If the rental time surpasses twelve months, the ramp is now deemed customer-owned and there are no extra expenses.

Portable single-fold suitcase ramps, portable tri-fold suitcase ramps, and modular ramps are also available. Modular ramps are designed and built to precise lengths.

We base the fee for larger ramps (9ft and up) on the parameters given below.

The monthly fee is:

  • With ramps 9ft and above, the installation fee is $30 x total material footage. (For ramps 8ft or less in length, see the rental option for ramps 1ft to 8ft in length).
  • Equipment fee = $15 x total material footage.

  • When the rental exceeds the flat rate of 175.00$, a recovery fee of 175.00$ is charged.

The rental fee is $ 100.00, which is refundable upon return.

2 ft Ramp $150.00
3 ft Ramp $180.00
4 ft Ramp $225.00
5 ft Ramp $250.00
6 ft Ramp $300.00
7 ft Ramp $360.00
8 ft Ramp $420.00